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Garage Door Tacoma Repair and replacement

Garage Door Tacoma is the leading garage door company that can be found in Tacoma, WA and nearby areas that provide top quality yet affordable products and services for all types of garage door repairs and other concerns. Only Garage Door Tacoma has the best team of well trained and professional technicians that will end garage door dilemmas in no time.

Repair and Replacement Services:

  • Inspection of your existing door(s) for hardened grease or excessive dirt on the tracks
  • Balancing garage doors to fix any noisy squeaks or alleviate resistance to lifting
  • Removal of existing door(s) and door openers
  • Adjustments and maintenance of your commercial garage doors, including replacing broken springs, mounting brackets, hinges, rollers, and safety cables
  • Replacement of the opener
  • 24-hour repair team dispatched to your property

Call us now at (253) 218-6250

Not everyone wants to sit and watch but when a customer does, they get a ton of knowledge about their garage door and operating system. For example many customers do watch us put in a set of torsion springs after their garage door springs break. We take the time to show them the process and explain before we are finished how their garage door should operate

When it comes to the fastest and most reliable garage door services, Garage Door Tacoma is the best choice in Tacoma, WA area. Garage Door Tacoma offers only the top quality of products and services at the most rates designed to fit your budget. There is no job too big or too little for Garage Door Tacoma, Our professional technicians are skilled and equipped to handle your garage door repair problems any time 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

Call us now at (253) 218-6250

The last problem I want to deal with is garage door maintenance . Every home owner is responsible for lubricating the garage door and garage door opener. I suggest every homeowner maintain their garage door every three months with some silicone spray . Don't use thick grease, it will cause build up and could cause worse problems down the road. Spray inside the rails , hinges and rollers, and the operator rail . If done every so often it will ensure that your garage door system remains as quiet as can be and it will move as freely as it should. Whatever your garage door problem call Garage Door Tacoma at (253) 218-6250. Only Garage Door Tacoma expertise's are ready to end your dilemma and give you the peace of mind that you really deserve. For any other concern or inquiries let our friendly representatives help you. We also provide free estimate.